Madikwe Game Reserve

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Madikwe Game Reserve is one of my favorite places to go on Safari.

There is a saying that has rung true for me on every visit.

“Kruger is bigger, Pilanesberg is closer, but Madikwe delivers”.

The rangers one and all have a love for Madikwe that I haven’t found in most game reserves. They become intimately involved with the conservation efforts, the history and everything else that makes Madikwe special and from this comes a love that is truly amazing to experience. Every time I go there, I feel my love for the bush growing and it is all due to the rangers.

Madikwe has become well known for their amazing game viewing as each lodge works together to ensure that all the guests have a memorable time.

Also, the reserve has no concession rights, with every lodge being allowed to go anywhere in the reserve. This, with every lodge’s dedication to provide every guest in the reserve with the best game viewing, has built this amazing reserve a stellar reputation of great wildlife viewing experiences.

Add to this that the reserve is fairly young and not as well known as such places as the Kruger, Serengeti or the Okavango Delta, the lodges are cheaper when you compare them with their counterparts in other reserves.

And the best part, the reserve is also completely malaria free.

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