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Hello I’m Pieter Theron

I am a travel broker that specializes mostly in safaris. I have practically been on Safari since I was 3 years old.

I was inspired to start this blog to answer some questions for people who want to go on a Safari. Having gone on Safari in almost every country below the equator, I am uniquely qualified with first hand experience of all things Safari.

I take inspiration for my posts on actual queries I receive from prospective guests and I endeavor to answer them in depth.

Today Safaris are more popular than ever. Safaris are also quite expensive and one must be sure to make the right decisions so that one gets the best experience for their budget.

Avid Photographer

I am also an avid wildlife photographer and I will ensure that each and every photo on this blog was taken by me personally.


African Magic

You will see quite often that I speak about the magic of Africa. Having traveled far and wide, I could never find a place that captured my heart as much as the beautify of Africa.


Join the conversation

I love talking about Africa and Safaris. The bush, conservation and wildlife are true passions of mine, so join in on the conversation and I will share my passion with you. And trust me, good advice goes a long way in Africa.

Dirty Car

Fellow Traveler

I am just a fellow traveler who loves “getting away” from it all. I will gladly give you my hard earned experience and advice for free.


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